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 Sony SDX-D400C / BM - AIT-1 Tape Drives

External 91 GB AIT-1 SCSI Drive

Sony SDX-D400C/BM AIT-1
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High Capacity, High Performance
The Sony SDX-D400C tape drive delivers up to 91 GB data storage capacity in a compact 8mm data cartridge. Unique helical scan technology increases data recording density while offering fast data transfer rates of up to 10.4 MB/s.

MIC = Ultra-Fast Data Access
Sony's innovative Memory-In-Cassette tape technology, with 64 kb of built-in memory, speeds access to data, providing fast loading (less than 10 s) and quick file access (27 s).

Ultimate Reliability
Redesigned head geometry means Sony AIT tape drives reduce head/tape pressure and deliver up to 50,000 hours of head life and offer an industry-leading MTBF rating of 300,000 POH.

Standalone / External Drive Configuration
The Sony SDX-D400C/BM is a compact external enclosure complete with a built-in power supply and cooling fan. This makes it easy to add AIT-1 tape technology to existing systems. The industry-standard SCSI interface simplifies connection while providing speedy data throughput.

Less Periodic Maintenance
Sony AIT tap drives incorporate the Super Head Cleaner™ mechanism, activated automatically by the drive mechanism when tape errors approach a certain threshold.

SDX-D400C - Detailed Specifications

Drive Type External SCSI AIT-1
Model Number SDX-D400C and SDX-D400BM
Interface Ultra Wide SCSI
Single-ended / Low Voltage Differential
68-Pin Connector
Linear Recording Density 116,000 BPI
Recording Block Length Variable or Fixed Length Blocks
Capacity 35 GB (native), 91 GB (with 2.6:1 compression)
Sustained Transfer Rate 4 MB/s (native), 10.4 MB/s (compressed)
Burst Transfer Rate 12 MB/s (asynchronous, max)
40 MB/s (synchronous, max)
Media Load Time (Avg) 10 seconds (with memory-in-cassette)
Access Time (Avg) 27 seconds (with memory-in-cassette)
Search Speed 960 MB/s (compressed)
480 MB/s (native)
Rewind Speed 160 inches/s (max)
Buffer Size 10 MB
Uncorrectable Error Rate Less than 10-17 bits
MTBF 300,000 hours at 100% duty cycle
R/W Head Life 50,000 tape contact hours
Media Uses (Avg) 30,000 end-to-end passes
Mounting Can be mounted horizontally or vertically
Operating Temperature 40°F to 104°F (5°C to 40°C)
Storage Temperature -40°F to 158°F (-40°C to 70°C)
Operating Humidity 30% to 80% (non-condensing)
Power Requirements AC 100-200V / 220-240V
Power Consumption 21 watts (average)
Dimensions (WxHxD) 7.44 x 2.28 x 10.31 in (189 x 57.9 x 261.9 mm)
Weight 4 lb 14 oz (2.2 kg)

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